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Uncontested Divorce Santa Rosa, Divorce Mediation Santa Rosa, divorce without attorney
Divorce Mediation Santa RosaUncontested Divorce Santa Rosa, Divorce Mediation Santa Rosa, divorce without attorney
Uncontested Divorce Santa Rosa, Divorce Mediation Santa Rosa, divorce without attorney
Uncontested Divorce Santa Rosa, Divorce Mediation Santa Rosa, divorce without attorney

A Modern Divorce Done Without Lawyers:

* No public record: Couples retain total privacy of their financial and personal issues.
* Clients determine the outcome around the allocation of marital debts and assets.
* Clients control the decisions regarding the care and custody of their children.
* There are no divorce court [appearances] or hearings required.
* Divorce facilitation is neutral, safe, and respectful.
* Cases are processed quickly.

* One Flat Fee, Sliding Scale.
* Affordable QDRO Drafting.


"After 14 years of traditional mediation services, I created an even healthier process

Now 8 years of successful cooperative divorces prove GDC offers the best way".

Go Divorce Clinic is a mediator-designed, and facilitated, legal document assistance service (Sonoma County Registered LDA # 40) that specializes in helping divorcing couples that desire to be attorney-free, and wish to cooperate with an uncontested divorce.   There are no divorce lawyers in our office, and no attorney fees.  We uniquely employ the use of a case assigned, neutral "Divorce Facilitator".  We are experts in the field of uncontested marriage dissolution, conducting only divorce and legal separation filings in northern California since 2009, based out of Sonoma County.  As truly neutral divorce facilitators, we provide equal information and assistance to both parties in the divorce.  We insist that reasonable and respectful conduct during the divorce or legal separation process be demonstrated by both parties, as we encourage an equitable settlement that is child advocacy centered and fair to both parties


We offer clients a full service uncontested California divorce, including a comprehensive marital settlement agreement with parenting plan, equitable distribution of all capital assets and community property debts within the marital estate (including real estate holdings and individually held small business interest transfers), addressing any and all support issues, assistance with child support calculations, and allocation of retirement funds and pensions.  We represent a well established and respected divorce service providing a complete and professional marriage dissolution process that is far less-expensive and stress free than contested divorce.

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** One Lawyer often leads to another lawyer because attorneys are hired to see to the best interest of the one party they represent, leaving an unrepresented party at a disadvantage. <(click)
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