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Uncontested Divorce

You Qualify For A Simple Divorce Without Lawyers Or Mediators If:

With assistance from a GDC professional divorce facilitator you can as a couple:

1) Find facilitated agreement on the property issues (assets & debts) concerning your marital estate.

2) Basically communicate and cooperate with your spouse.

3) Provide all necessary and required information to GDC.

4) Find facilitated agreement on child custody and child support.

5) Have a facilitated discussion regarding spousal support.

6) Sign all necessary court forms and agreements.

7) Proceed self-represented without lawyers.

If you answered "yes" to all seven statements, you are a candidate for a quick and affordable uncontested divorce at Go Divorce Clinic!




What is a GDC Divorce Facilitator?

A Divorce Facilitator at GDC is an individual who has either a law school degree (not actively barred) or is a credentialed paralegal. To add to this, a candidate for GDC divorce facilitation must have formal mediation credentialing from an accredited college or university, or at least 5 years of active divorce mediation experience in family law. The divorce facilitator must also be a registered Legal Document Assistant. Go Divorce Clinic facilitators must also have 10 hours of conflict resolution communication training, based in the work of Dr. Marshal Rosenberg's Center For Non-Violent Communication.

A GDC Divorce Facilitator Must Be:

1) A Credentialed Paralegal or has a J.D. Degree.
2) Mediation Credentialed.
3) A Registered Legal Document Assistant.
4) Non-Violent Communication Trained.

"What is the Uncontested Divorce Process like at GDC?

I. The process begins with an initial intake appointment where a GDC Divorce Facilitator will interview the couple to ensure that they both qualify for an uncontested divorce. At this time the GDC facilitator can go over any specific questions while providing detailed information about the process.

II. After contracting with GDC, each party is provided with a specially designed GDC information intake forms, which the clients fill out and return to GDC via email.  GDC will then complete all required declarations and serve them on the appropriate parties.

III. Once all the required information and agreed upon decisions are gathered from the parties, GDC will begin to generate the court forms for your divorce, as well as the preliminary detail of what will eventually become the marriage settlement agreement, called a "Summary of Working Issues" (SWI).

IV. When the Summary of Working Issues (SWI) fully represents the couple's agreed to choices and decisions regarding their divorce, the clients may elect to have an attorney review the document in lieu of converting it into a Marriage Settlement Agreement (MSA), or they may elect to proceed to signing the agreement without attorney review.

V. The clients then meet at the GDC office for the second and last time to sign the prepared court forms and marriage settlement agreement, at which time the petition for divorce is filed and served. This concludes the client's participation in the dissolution process. GDC will submit all remaining judgment documents to the court at the appropriate time, and the divorce decree will be mailed out to the clients by the court.

VI. The timing for a client's active participation typically varies from a few days to several weeks depending on the current GDC caseload, but mostly on how fast the couple gets GDC all the requisite information and decisions needed to settle out the marriage dissolution. A divorce decree however will not be issued in California until 6 months and 1 day (California's statutory "cool off" period) have past after the court endorsed filed petition for divorce is served on the respondent. A legal separation does not have a "cool" off period and will be granted at entry of judgement.

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